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  • Who Is Gosh, 2016
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  • Who is Gosh? Detail

Who is Gosh?, 2016, Sarah Walker Gallery
The paintings and installation of Who is Gosh? are amalgamations of domestic materials; fabrics, plyboard, voile curtains and hardware paints. Through a process of assembling and attaching in the gallery, the paintings become lodged in their location, glued beyond the frame; forced to perform. Exploring this role of the art object in the context of the gallery there is an implication that the paintings are prostituted, coerced into entertaining.Through both this anthropomorphisation and theatricalisation the works are large in scale, saccharine in colour and showy with glitter. Bonded to the wall with glues, or ’clothed’ with leatherette fabric. The fabric based paintings barely wall mounted, at once transparent then opaque with crudely torn or cut holes allowing a glimpse ’inside’ or beyond the costume. Dressing up, make-up rituals and adorning, combined and examined with processes of covering up and remaining hidden. The visceral, slimy quality of the paint along with the biomorphic forms, everyday props and colour palette affirm the sensuous and the tactile imbedded in material presence. The work blurs somewhere between painting and soft sculptures, exploring the potential of low-grade, quotidien objects and materials to be exalted and celebrated. Whilst underlying this is a probing of the pressures on women in relation to body perceptions (perfection quests/dismorphia) and a playful nod to animated adornments available in applications like Snapchat.